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FULL vIDEO and original music

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Soundcloud song link:https://soundcloud.com/dorian-bluprin...DRAGON HOUSE!YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/user/BluPrint01Twitter- https://twitter.com/Dance10BluprintInstagram- @bluprint01Musically- BluPrintVine- BluPrintDancing to a track I made on the app iMaschine 2.Источник: www.youtube.com
[24 Дек 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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Dancers: Julius "iGlide" Chisolm and Dorian "BluPrint" HectorBOOKING INFO: http://xceltalent.com/iGlide and BluPrint of Dragon House dancing to Dirg Gerner feat. Olmino - Attempting CryWE DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG
[8 Окт 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Spazz vs. Bluprint Чертовски крутой бэттл! : vk.com/public41383617
[6 Ноя 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Dancers: Julius "iGlide" Chisolm and Dorian "BluPrint" HectorBOOKING INFO: http://xceltalent.com/iGlide and BluPrint of Dragon House dancing to Above & Beyond - You Got To Go (Seven Lions Dubstep Remix)
[26 Июл 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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IMPROVIZE MOVEИсточник: www.youtube.com
[1 Фев 2016 | Автор  |  ]
BluPrint & InPut from Dragon House, Atlanta"Tight Garbage" by Thriftworkshttp://www.facebook.com/ThriftworksNew Album Out!http://jatlas.bandcamp.com/album/deviationhttp://www.yakfilms.com
[16 Сен 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Booking info: www.xceltalent.comInput Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/inputcanthumanBluPrint Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/bluprint01Dragon House members InpuT and BluPrint dancing to a beast track Phrenik&Kezwik- Red Planet DubstepИсточник: http://5678.ru
[9 Янв 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Hello this IMPROVIZE MOVE channel, see the video collection of the talented dancer SKITZO if you liked this video, click Like and write in coments, what point the most, longer likes more videos) I made this video. the music from youtube library because the original copyright breaks...
[12 Ноя 2016 | Автор  |  ]
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[28 Апр 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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Красавцы :-* наши русские мальчики! Смотрим с 4-ой минуты! Мы ЛУЧШИЕ в Поппинге, Брейк-Дансе и Локинге!DANCERS#1 Peter "Bboy FARADAY / Ivan "GINLOK" Vasiliev - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRkd6fydJLxTMD6zbNLqVsQ#2 PARADOX - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FX9HgbBldVVo_YuoptjaQ#3 YUKI & NAYE - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGDDYv7Nk9sRI0EJyHeAkcA#4 Ahmed...
[15 Янв 2015 | Автор  |  ]
[26 Янв 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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short concept video to boyz || men's in the still of the night !! enjoy!!!dancers arebluprintbam the dancernonstop
[19 Июл 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Блупринт новый видос всем смотреть, очень круто сденсил! Источник: vk.com/public41383617
[25 Ноя 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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[1 Окт 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Welcome to the Next Level" by Robot Orchestrahttps://soundcloud.com/robotorchestrahttp://robot-orchestra.bandcamp.com/© YAK FILMS 2013
[25 Апр 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Lost & Found" by Amon Tobinhttps://www.facebook.com/amontobinoff...https://soundcloud.com/amon-tobinWhile in Shanghai, China with Skitzo for the We Are One international dance battle, we stepped out of the guest hotel for some soup dumplings and found this little alley by a local police station. Skitzo's musicality is on another lever right now, make sure to rewatch to hear how he reacts and moves to every sound in the beat!Shot...
[6 Июл 2017 | Автор  |  ]
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Booking Info: [email protected] House dancers: Marquese 'Nonstop' Scott, Cordaro Gross, Dorian 'Bluprint' Hector and Brandon 'Bam' Morales. Featuring our friend (last dancer) Jerry.Artist:
[3 Авг 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Pigeon Holed" by ThriftworksShot on a Sony NEX-FS700 Camera.http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[10 Окт 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Petite Powerhouse is an honor given to talented dancers who compete in the youngest competition age level. Most of these dancers are ages 7 thru 9. Congrats on your accomplishments, dancers!**I OWN NO VIDEO OR MUSIC RIGHTS. THIS VIDEO IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.
[3 Авг 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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IMPROVIZE MOVE - #SkitzO bestwho agree stavte Like and subscribe to the channel)so you can throw me your videos that I add to the channel)https://www.instagram.com/improvizemove/https://www.facebook.com/improvizemovehttps://www.facebook.com/IMPROVIZEMOV...Источник: www.youtube.com
[19 Янв 2017 | Автор  |  ]
Music info:Row by Boatshttps://boats1.bandcamp.com/album/scr...https://soundcloud.com/boatsmusichttp://www.facebook.com/BOATSssshttp://soundcloud.com/boatsmusicdancers instagrams:@[email protected]@yakfilmsИсточник: www.youtube.com
[3 Окт 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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Соединил в одной связке самые зрелищные танцевальные движения и подробно разобрал их. После просмотра будете рвать и метать на танцполе :)Моя школа танцев в Москве: drakoni.ruНе любым танцем можно удивить, а этим можно)Проверено.Каждый раз, когда...
[5 Июн 2017 | Автор  |  ]
Music "Hit the Quan" by iHeart MemphisHit The Quan Dance #HitTheQuan #HittheQuanChallengeIG: @officialbucknastyentTwitter: @bucknastyentFB: Buck Nasty EntSC: Buck Nasty EntOakland to Crockett to Los Angeles, California... to Tokyo, Japan...Dancers: Chonkie F Tutz (Turf Feinz), BluPrint (Dragon House), Lil Kida (Family First Crew), Yung Phil (TF) and Hammer (New Jack Swing Brothers).http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2015Источник:...
[29 Авг 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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I teamed up with the amazing Chachi Gonzales for the first time and we took our game to a higher level! Thanks to #HeattechPower for warming us up.Watch the behind the scenes video: http://uniqlo.us/1nR66lhDirected by Justin Francis: www.justinfrancis.com // Instagram: @justonefilmSong: “Razor”Performed by ASTRCourtesy of 300 EntertainmentBy arrangement with Hidden Track MusiciTunes: http://bit.ly/1FR4kGQLearn how UNIQLO...
[31 Окт 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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Skitzo It's a Fikshun friend .He have very good technique, he has his own style, but a bit like LesTwins. what can you do it NewStyle! NewstyleИсточник: http://5678.ru
[7 Авг 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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