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SOUL CITY 2013 All Styles Battle in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA | YAK FILMS

3 ноября 2013 (182) Нет комментариев Опубликовал:

Music "Lesson 4" by Floul https://www.facebook.com/floulsmusic Soul City Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/soulcityfest For Battles check out: https://www.youtube.com/user/SoulCityFest
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Music "Dance with the Derek" by Telemachuskilamanjaro.co.uktwitter.com/chemoukfacebook.com/LoveTelemachushttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[3 Ноя 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Death Rattle" (Original Mix) by Kasterhttps://www.facebook.com/kasterofficialNEW ALBUM http://bit.ly/kasterofficialDancer contact: Singa - Nice4eyes Crew - www.singadancer.ruhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[14 Окт 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "New York City Girl" by MC Lytehttp://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mc-lyte/id54606http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2012Hip-hopИсточник: http://5678.ru
[3 Сен 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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http://www.youtube.com/user/SingaEDDancer from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Member of team [Nice For Eyes].Track: Phon.o -- FukushimaContacts:http://vk.com/singapurSkype: bushiduckTwitter: SingaEDMail: [email protected] danceИсточник: http://5678.ru
[19 Сен 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Nice for Eyez Crew.Saint-Petersburg, Russia!fun video with a little choreography! =)SUBSCRIBE!!!!Electro danceИсточник: http://5678.ru
[28 Июн 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Street dance battle 2016 in the city of Shchëlkovo | All style| Ordaz & Jomka Ism |Источник: www.youtube.com
[13 Июл 2016 | Автор  |  ]
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Music: "TUT" by SoundSnobzhttp://soundcloud.com/soundsnobzMore about the ART + SOUL Festival, happening every year in Downtown Oakland, California: http://www.artandsouloakland.comDance battle hosted, deejayed and filmed by YAKhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2014
[23 Сен 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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Video special for Battle (StageMe | Battle The Best | Open Flex) Battle from Russiahttp://www.stageme.com/event/index/186Music: Mavado - Gyal WinePeace!Flexing danceИсточник: http://5678.ru
[25 Окт 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Suoud" by Du:ithttps://soundcloud.com/du_ithttps://www.facebook.com/duitbeat?ref=ts&fref=tsChelles Battle Pro website http://www.battle-pro.com/http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2012
[14 Мар 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "I'm Original" Starship Connection and Lean Rockhttps://soundcloud.com/dj-lean-rock/starship-connection-im-originalhttps://www.facebook.com/leanrockWatch the final battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1lSol68BCAhttp://www.UDEFTOUR.orghttp://freestylesession.com/blog/Shoutouts to Floorlords crew and Shadow Styles organization!http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2015
[10 Фев 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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Battle of the Year 1 vs 1 Bboy Battle 2011 YAK FILMSБрейк дансИсточник: http://5678.ru
[18 Июл 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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powermoves power bboy lil petair Ruffneck Attack illusion of exist Battle the Year 2012 East side b-boys Beat IBE RedBullBcOne Boty finale russia korea france punisher demon Tawfiq extreme sport extrem awesome sick compilation Battle Of The Year Брейк дансИсточник: http://5678.ru
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CITY 2 CITY | POPPIN JOHN | MARQUESE SCOTTDancer: Marquese Scott, Booking: http://xceltalent.com/ Merchandise: http://www.xceltalent.com/#merchandise.htmlFollow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/officialwhzgudLEARN FROM POPPIN' JOHN : http://www.LEARN2BUST.com SONG: City2City ZomboySubscribe to Nonstop's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WHZGUD2
[16 Янв 2015 | Автор  |  ]
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Playlist of battles here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BePf6XAlgEQ&list=PLE1A503A7FD2B8810&index=12012 Official recap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XC6miwmF_3kMusic "Avenue Martin Luther (Monk Remix)" by VicelowAlbum "BT2 Collector" disponible:https://itunes.apple.com/album/bt2-collector/id571636463https://www.facebook.com/Vicelow.officiel
[26 Мар 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Drosha, real name Andre Grekhov is born in Rostov-on-Don in Russia and lives from 1995 in the dutch city of Eindhoven. He is a member of the Head2Toe crew that celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year. He started his active dance career in 1997 as a bboy. He's goal was to achieve a unique style of dance. During his journey as a dancer he studied different styles, participated in different battles. His first one on one title dates in 2001 and he...
[25 Мар 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music: "Tree Level" by Insightful http://www.facebook.com/insightfullll http://insightful.bandcamp.com/Dancers: Yaman, Les Twins, Secada & NeguinConstruction sites: SCIAME "Where building is an art" http://sciame.comSkyscape is created by YAK FILMS which is an international production team developing a unique style of street-based documentation of the global dance movement. At its core, YAK is a visual wrecking crew...
[17 Окт 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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LIL G (Venezuela) & MORRIS (USA) vs KAKU & YOSHI (Japan) | Chelles Battle Pro 2011 Bboy 2on2 Final | YAK FILMS http://www.battle-pro.com/ http://www.YAKFILMS.com © YAK FILMS 2011
[2 Сен 2012 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Calvin Klein" By Josh Pan http://www.facebook.com/joshpanmusichttp://soundcloud.com/joshpanFor more info about the Solverde World Battle event, in Espinho, Portugal, please contact Momentum Crew http://www.facebook.com/pages/Momentum-Crew/197616596936889About BBOY CHEERITO (Illusion of Exist):Evgeny Pervushkin, aka Cheerito, first saw breaking on TV back in 2001. But he didn’t start B-Boying until three years later, in...
[22 Окт 2014 | Автор  |  ]
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Interview with DROSHA, part 2.PART 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_iWQ-Rbnl4[RU]: Интервью с Дрошей, победителем Juste Debout 2012 Experimental.Drosha, real name Andre Grekhov is born in Rostov-on-Don in Russia and lives from 1995 in the dutch city of Eindhoven. He is a member of the Head2Toe crew that celebrates it's 10th anniversary this year. He started his active dance career in 1997 as a bboy. He's goal was...
[16 Авг 2013 | Автор  |  ]
нормальный батл Hip-hopИсточник: http://5678.ru
[20 Июл 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music " Parte De Mim" By Orelha Negrahttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ore...https://www.facebook.com/orelhanegra/Welcome to Taipei Bboy City 2017, Taiwan:https://www.facebook.com/Taipeibboycity/Dancers featured in order of appearance:IlyesZoo (Fr)Wing Zero (Jp)Noe (Fr)Kid Columbia (Nl)Double Quan (Tw)Lussy Sky (Uk)Bgirl Ami (Jp)Bgirl Mimz (Jp)Steez (Jp)Shigekix (Jp)Vero (Kr)Skim (Kr)Drummer Man (Tw)OT Ceaser (Tw)Jey (Fr)Bboy Bmouth...
[24 Янв 2018 | Автор  |  ]
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Yak to the Bay event tickets https://www.eventbrite.com/e/art-soul... http://www.facebook.com/events/177364...Music "Jiggle It" by Shameik Moore @shameikmooreYokai mix by @khalid_pryor http://soundcloud.com/yokvi/shameik-m...Dancer @yungphil_ aka Phil of the FutureYAK is back in the BAY! Celebrating 10 years of filmmaking, traveling, and supporting the dance community!On Saturday July 28th 2018, we are throwing our annual dance battle...
[1 Авг 2018 | Автор  |  ]
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Русские против Larry из Les Twins :) смотреть до конца!) Hip-hopИсточник: http://5678.ru
[26 Дек 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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Music "Into the Labryinth" by Kraddyhttp://soundcloud.com/kraddyDancers featured:Hong10 of Korea (winner 2006-2013)Mounir of France (winner 2012)Nori of JapanOmar of USAGravity of USATaisuke of JapanRonnie of USALilou of FranceRoxrite of USALil Zoo of MoroccoArex of ColombiaMenno of HollandWing of KoreaNeguin of BrazilFroz of ItalyRobin of Russia/UkrainePerformances included KRNFX, Mike Song, Drunken Tiger and morehttp://www.YAKFILMS.com©...
[14 Дек 2013 | Автор  |  ]
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