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Jorja Smith — On My Mind ft. Bgirls Jilou, Michiko and Logistx breaking LA | Yak x Sony Japan FS5II

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Music»On My Mind» by Jorja Smith X Preditah

Featuring Bgirls Jilou (Germany), Michiko (Houston, TX) and Logistx (San Diego, CA), filmed in Losa Angeles during Freestyle Session 2018 with Sony FS5II camera and Atomos Shogun Inferno for Apple Pro Res RAW 4k60 continuous and 4k120 burst speed. Gear provided by Sony Japan and Atomos USA.

Powerful Women Unite created by muralist @ladie_one_ and Time to Notice by muralist @yaks_concrete_allstars Respect to all the muralist and painters in the video, pause the video to see their IG handles and support!

© YAK FILMS 2018-2019

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