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MAMSON (Serial Stepperz) House Judge at The Notorious IBE 2012 | YAK FILMS in Heerlen

9 октября 2012 (120) Нет комментариев Опубликовал:

Music "Kingdom" by Botnek http://www.topbillinmusic.com http://www.YAKFILMS.com © YAK FILMS 2012
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Mamson [Serial Stepperz] - Winner of Juste Debout House 2012.First house class in Belgium in 2008 by Breakcre8ionz!_____________________________________________________Next edition: 28/07/2013 - 02/08/2013 in Ostend (Belgium)Be part of it! Info and registration: www.breakcre8ionz.com! HouseИсточник: http://5678.ru
[13 Oct 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хаус
Juste debout suisse 2011 - Présélections HouseDemie finaleWinner : Mamson & Babson HouseИсточник: http://5678.ru
[13 Jul 2012 | Автор  ]
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BABSON (Serial Stepperz, Wanted Posse) gives us a Transcending performance of AFRO HOUSE DANCE with all the emotion that goes with itNew Dance Cinematics every Friday.Stay tuned for all of our amazing news by going to http://www.worldofdance.com/ for the latest on our mobile app, website, merchandise, and tour. Support the movement. Subscribe here.http://youtube.com/worldofdanceFollow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook:https://twitter.com/#!/worldofdancehttps://www.facebook.com/worldofdancetourFor...
[2 Mar 2013 | Автор  ]
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Music: ChapiChapo ( By Oliver ) == DrumDreamers Music == YAK IBEhttp://soundcloud.com/oliver_officialThe Notorious IBE is a three-day international Hip Hop Dance Festival which takes place in Heerlen, The Netherlands. The festival focuses on different aspects of the dance like battles, jamsessions, workshops, panels and media. In 2012 The Notorious IBE celebrated it's 12th edition. http://www.thenotoriousibe.com/http://www.facebook.com/thenotoriousibeThese...
[19 Oct 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Брейк данс
Music "I Got Ta" by Ta-kuhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2012-2013
[4 мая 2013 | Автор  ]
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Music by Stanzahttp://m.soundcloud.com/stanza-aka-m-stnzTwitter : @STANZAWAXFacebook's Fan page: Stanza the Beatmakerhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2012
[26 Sep 2012 | Автор  ]
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Новое видео SALAHAМузыка"GalacticPoppfownk" by Jaygee Rmc© YAK FILMS 2012-2013 PoppingИсточник: http://5678.ru
[20 Feb 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Поппинг
Music: ChapiChapo ( By Oliver ) == DrumDreamers Music == YAK IBEhttp://www.thenotoriousibe.com/http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2012
[22 Sep 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Брейк данс
Tutorials by Dance Centre Myway. Kiev, Ukraine.Choreography by Denis Stulnikov (Денис Стульников).Music: Notorious B.I.G. & 50 Cent - Realest Niggas.http://mywaydance.com/
[19 Feb 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Hip-hop
Music "Freaku" By Jaygee Rmchttps://soundcloud.com/jaygeermchttps://www.facebook.com/jaygee.realmarvelousOBS vol. 9 Judge demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOShwt2DdjAhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2015
[29 Mar 2015 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Уличные
Music "Pigeon Holed" by ThriftworksShot on a Sony NEX-FS700 Camera.http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[10 Oct 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Дабстеп
Music "Ravehood (BMB edit)" By Traaftwerkhttps://soundcloud.com/thefaded/sets/traaftwerk-ep-1https://traaftwerk.bandcamp.com/http://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2014
[28 Sep 2014 | Автор  ]
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Music "Illusion of Size" by B'ZWAXhttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[26 Dec 2013 | Автор  ]
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Openends Productions & Global Nomads Productions present Summer Dance Forever 2012 in Amsterdam 25th of August 2012SUMMER DANCE FOREVER The Inner City Urban Dance FestivalDancers: Ejoe, HiroProducer: Glenn SluisdomDirected by Glenn Sluisdom & Co directed by Vanessa v. GasseltCamera: Glenn Sluisdom, Marieke Wichers, Dagmar Gerritse, Vanessa v.Gasselt, Joram HofmanEdit: Erik AurikSummer Dance Forever 25th August 2012, House...
[15 Sep 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хаус
Urban moves 2012 judge solo at Dansens hus Oslo, Norway.For more dance footage and pictures visit and follow us at facebook:http://www.facebook.com/lcflaw/Enjoy,Film/Edit By LC&Flaw.
[28 Jul 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хаус
крутотень и трек просто шикарен!!! Источник: vk.com/public41383617
[5 Nov 2012 | Автор  ]
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Judge Showcase at the TEAMKA 10 year anni. Moscow 2013Song: "Cold World" By Om Unit (KIKO ANIBOT EDIT) PoppingИсточник: http://5678.ru
[4 Dec 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Поппинг
Music info: Music "Be Afraid (original Mix)" by R!OThttps://www.facebook.com/Riotedmhttps://soundcloud.com/r-otofficialFor his crew and more infohttp://www.facebook.com/dragonhousedancehttp://www.YAKFILMS.com© YAK FILMS 2013
[25 Sep 2013 | Автор  ]
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[21 мая 2013 | Автор  ]
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song:Cryptex - Footstepsdancers fbhttps://www.facebook.com/topknochThanks for watching!
[13 мая 2014 | Автор  ]
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BluPrint & InPut from Dragon House, Atlanta"Tight Garbage" by Thriftworkshttp://www.facebook.com/ThriftworksNew Album Out!http://jatlas.bandcamp.com/album/deviationhttp://www.yakfilms.com
[16 Sep 2013 | Автор  ]
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Red Bull BC ONE Cypher 2012 Judge LilGБрейк дансИсточник: http://5678.ru
[17 Jun 2012 | Автор  ]
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Red Bull BC ONE Cypher 2012 Judge NeguinБрейк дансИсточник: http://5678.ru
[17 Jun 2012 | Автор  ]
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