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S**t Kingz :: Urban Dance Showcase 2011

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Urban Dance Showcase
Источник: http://5678.ru
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клёвая хорео от S**t Kingz ХореографияИсточник: http://5678.ru
[12 Jan 2014 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хореография
Here is a little gift for my subscribers getting my panlong vid to 200,000...this is an old showcase and i made it all very last minute from what i remember...it was the first time i tried any of these movements but i thought it would be fun to post it anyways! its wasn't expected to be really clean..just to push a few boundaries and take a few risks on stageENJOY and check out Urban Dance Showcase Channel regularly for the release of my 2012...
[3 Aug 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
Locking Show
[8 Nov 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Поппинг
Интересно замутили с кепками и музыкой)Song 1: "Caught Up" by Usher (UDC Special Remix)Song 2: "Coming Home" by Skylar Grey (Dubstep Remix) L.A. styleИсточник: http://5678.ru
[21 Jan 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
• MUSIC Song 1: "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" by MJSong 2: "Human Nature" by MJ (Fingazz Rmx)• DANCERS (from left to right)Group 1: Mariel Madrid, Kyle Hanagami, Lyle Beniga, Jilian MeyersGroup 2: S**t Kingz Crew (Shoji Mochida, Motohiro Oguri, Kazuki Hamamoto, Shota "Noppo" Masuda)Group 3: Keone Madrid (Choreographer) L.A. styleИсточник: http://5678.ru
[5 мая 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
• Music "Falling" by Haim"Stutter" by David Banner"That Girl" by JT PunkingИсточник: http://5678.ru
[26 Nov 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Вакинг
Enjoy 255 hours of workshops over 45 days and with up to 40 teachers and participants from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, China, Singapore, and many more! ХореографияИсточник: http://5678.ru
[2 Dec 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хореография
Класс в URBAN DANCE CAMP. Хореография: Dylan Mayoral (UK). Музыка: 'Working Day & Night' - Michael Jackson (Official Music) Рубрика: Hip-hop. ...
[26 Sep 2016 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
SHOWCASE Phillip PACMAN Chbeeb | GHETTO HILLS | RUSSIA | KRASNODAR One Aim Community 2013. ХореографияИсточник: http://5678.ru
[21 Feb 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хореография
Select Kingz | World Of Dance Dallas 2013 | Upper DivisionSupport the movement. Subscribe here.https://www.youtube.com/worldofdancetourFollow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook:https://twitter.com/#!/worldofdancehttps://www.facebook.com/worldofdancetourFor more dance news, tour info, and videos like this, go to:http://www.worldofdance.com/
[28 Apr 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
Les Twins Urban Источник: vk.com/street___dance
[15 Jan 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Нью-стайл
[23 Jun 2014 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
Urban moves 2012 judge solo at Dansens hus Oslo, Norway.For more dance footage and pictures visit and follow us at facebook:http://www.facebook.com/lcflaw/Enjoy,Film/Edit By LC&Flaw.
[28 Jul 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хаус
• CHOREOGRAPHY BY : Keone Madrid• SELECTED GROUP : Jillian Meyers, Mariel Madrid, Vinh Nguyen ХореографияИсточник: http://5678.ru
[7 Dec 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хореография
Judge Showcase at the TEAMKA 10 year anni. Moscow 2013Song: "Cold World" By Om Unit (KIKO ANIBOT EDIT) PoppingИсточник: http://5678.ru
[4 Dec 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Поппинг
URBAN MIX CONSTEST PRESENT : Judges : Boubou (Criminalz), Sydney, Jeremy Alberge (Plein tarif), Ichigo (Yakuza) & Fudzy (C4)Event organized by C4 electro.Winner electro : GOKU & Winner Hip hop : Tibounwww.jeremyalberge.com Electro danceИсточник: http://5678.ru
[23 Oct 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Электро
Dance UrbanPoppingИсточник: http://5678.ru
[16 Sep 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Поппинг
UFS line-upSong: Onyx - All We Got Iz Us► Subscribe - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=omartinable► Urban Flava Skillz playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6bfUvrWaLGWF6EYf-vM494XdhqtbNDCa► Urban Flava Skillz | Official Public Page:http://vk.com/urban_flava_skillz► C-Walk| Classic Community:http://vk.com/cwalkruI do not own any of the music. Copyright to their respective owners. ...
[25 Apr 2014 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Си-волк
Kefton judge solo at Urban moves in Oslo 9/6 2012 || Film and edit by LC/FLAW |www.lcflaw.comwww.facebook.com/lcflawHip-hopИсточник: http://5678.ru
[13 Jun 2012 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
C4 Electro présent UMC 2 (Urban Mix Contest) Battles2vs2 Electro & 2vs2 HipHopJudge Demo GOKU RK Electro danceИсточник: http://5678.ru
[6 Mar 2013 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Электро
Источник: www.youtube.com
[10 Sep 2020 | Автор  ]
Рубрика Хип-хоп
ANDREW2X5 | TWOBYFIVEJUDGE SHOWCASEOPEN YOUR MIND 2EXPERIMENTAL DANCE FESTIVAL17-18 MAY 2014, MOSCOWORG: EXPERIMENTAL COMMUNITYvk.com/openyourmindvk.com/expcomfb.com/expcom ExperimentalИсточник: http://5678.ru
[17 Jun 2014 | Автор  ]
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